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We recommend reserving your delivery by booking with the bulk of your order at lest 2-3 weeks before arrival! You can modify the order after booking!​

Vacation Grocery Delivery charges a $25 Delivery Fee and a 5% Service Fee. A $20 Authorization is charged at checkout as a refundable deposit. Alcohol orders include a $10 handling fee and additional 5% service charge.

If you are adding alcohol to your order, we will give you instructions on how to place your alcohol order in your Order Confirmation Email.


*A 5% Secure Credit Card Processing Fee is charged on all transactions.

We shop store sales, use coupons, and stack deals such as “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” and other promotions that change weekly. This means that we won't know the exact price until we shop for your individual order. We guarantee that you’ll pay less than any other regional service- please contact us for a quote if needed!


Similar app-based delivery services charge a 15-25% markup while regional services can mark up over 50%! Below is a real quote from one of our competitors- see how we compare!

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